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Evaluation of the role of the Thread protocol for Qt API in the light of Matter market introduction



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      What is the benefit? Why is this valuable?

      The Matter IoT platform has been released in version 1.0 and introduced to the market. With this, Qt users, customers and business owners ask, if they can use Qt to create products compatible with Matter. Is Matter technology related to Qt all? One of the key elements of Matter is the Thread protocol. It sits on top of IPv6, and in this position, it might touch the layers covered by API in Qt. We have to review how far the need to use Thread would raise expectations on the user side to see according to API in Qt as well.

      What are common use cases?

      Creation of UI and complete software stacks for embedded devices and desktop and mobile devices controlling Matter devices on the network or running locally and talking to lower software layers.

      Technical information

      A potential API for this would be a new API for Qt. It might also turn out that using Thread in an app with an existing Qt API is possible. In this case we would need some abstraction to simplify this use. Another result could also be that Thread can be used via existing API, and then the whole user code would be on in the app, i,e, above Qt, or underneath Qt adaptation layer.

      Note that this req is posted in Qt Core and not in Automation. Thread seems to be a generic a protocol on the network layer, not related to Automation or other high-level protcols








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