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macOS: Qt Designer appears on a start on macOS as if it was broken



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    • 6.6.1
    • Tools: Designer
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    • macOS
    • 27dc5ba5a (dev), cc812731f (dev), 60e5b99d0 (6.7), 29a4460ba (6.7), 67b706ee2 (6.6), a68531d11 (6.6), b3e97845a (dev), ffffeedf9 (dev), 6aa71e625 (dev), ba5e7f413 (6.7), 1bf4dd1ab (6.7), 6182239e5 (6.7), e1c176ca0 (6.6), aa73dd040 (6.6), 98fbaa411 (6.6)


      I recently started pyside6-designer from the command line and not from Qt Creator and thought it got broken.

      • I used commercial 6.6.1 wheels from qtpip on macOS 14.2 
      • I started pyside6-designer w/o argumenta from a terminal running as an app on the secondary monitor, but  pyside6-designer  appeared on the primary monitor. This is a different behaviour than other Qt-based apps the same macOS on the same machine. They always appear on the same monitor from which they were started, basically the same ways as all other apps
      • Only one window was visible, see "Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 16.24.49.png"
      • A change of focus to make a screenshot, revealed other windows out of a sudden, see "Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 16.25.15.png"
      • Another change of the focus made all windows (incl. the first one) completely disappear, only a click on "Show All Windows" made them visible again
      • In the later use, it tuned out that all top-level windows of pyside6-designer become hidden each time, the focus switches to another app. In order to make pyside6-designer visible again, it is needed to click on its icon in the launcher bar


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