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Weird beheaviour of and errors on the console from the "Coffee Machine" example



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    • 6.7
    • 6.7.0 RC
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    • macOS
    • 20e9c489b (dev), 916630f2e (6.7)
    • 2024wk18FOQtforAndroid


      When the "Coffee Machine" is started on the desktop (I used macOS but I think, all mentioned effects are generic), the app starts on the main screen and in full screen. The full screen is enforced by

          width: Screen.desktopAvailableWidth
          height: Screen.desktopAvailableHeight 

      It might makes sense on a mobile or embedded device and it is very confusing on desktop. Wenn removed, the app starts in a default and small size, but on the same screen where Qt Creator runs.

      When any drink is selected, error messages similar to the below one are posted on the console:

      qrc:/qt/qml/demos/coffee/CustomSliderForm.ui.qml:32:17: QML QQuickRectangle: The current style does not support customization of this control (property: "background" item: QQuickRectangle(0x600000a0d180, parent=0x0, geometry=0,0 0x4)). Please customize a non-native style (such as Basic, Fusion, Material, etc). For more information, see: https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/qtquickcontrols2-customize.html#customization-reference

      Resizing the top-level window results in error messages similar to the below:

      Qt Quick Layouts: Detected recursive rearrange. Aborting after two iterations.

      Since the "Coffee Machine" example is listed as one of the top application examples, this kind of glitch does not make a good impression

      See the screenshots attached.



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