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QML TextInput on Meego/N9 Harmattan does not get all events with the VKB that it does with a physical keyboard



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    • 4.7.4
    • GUI: Text handling
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    • N9; app built with Qt SDK (Creator 4.3 and Qt 4.7.4)


      If a TextInput instance has a handler onTextChanged(), normally it will be called for each character the user types in the field. This is true on the desktop, on the N900 and also on the N950 with the physical keyboard. However on an N950 or N9 with the virtual keyboard, the user must press Enter before the textChanged signal is emitted. Likewise Keys.onPressed and Keys.onReleased do not work as expected: they are called only when the user hits the Enter key. This makes it difficult to implement any kind of typeahead search feature in an app, for example.

      I will attach an example which demonstrates the bug.

      Setting the inputMethodHints property of TextInput to Qt.ImhNoPredictiveText is NOT sufficient to fix this. I hate to have to resort to C++ just to get this one feature!?!


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