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Implement a Qt Quick QML-powered Google Maps API.



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      Any, particularly Mobile.


      It'd be nice to have Google Maps working in an OpenGL-powered environment, namely Qt Quick. It'd be super awesome to port the Google Maps JavaScript API v3 to Qt Quick QML. This would make Google Maps run natively (OpenGL) on many platforms, which would be better than using slow and clunky web views.

      Currently, you can request map tiles from Google's servers and create your own Google Maps implementation (you can embed each tile image in a QML component...), but I think this might violate the Google's terms and conditions. I'm not sure on that actually.

      So, my feature request is for someone to create a GoogleMap component (with permission from Google if it is necessary) who's object properties can be manipulated via Qt Quick's JavaScript to enable users to do things like placing markers in the map, setting the map's zoom level, set the default location the view is centered on, change map styling (colors, etc), etc. Basically, to try and implement everything the Google JavaScript API v3 offers but in QML.

      I know this can be done because map tiles can be retrieved like this: https://mts1.google.com/vt/lyrs=m@186112443&hl=x-local&src=app&x=1325&y=3143&z=13&s=Galile

      We'd simply have to make a grid of QML components containing those images. When you scroll the map (flick it) you can detect when the end of the grid is reached and load more tiles.


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