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Qt WebKit has no documentation



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      Qt WebKit has no documentation.

      This page: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/modules.html
      clicking on "Qt WebKit" should go to the landing page.

      WebKit needs:
      -landing page
      -examples page
      -reference page (using \qmlmodule and \module)

      WebKit also needs to be in the standard documentation build ('make docs).

      for more information: http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt5DocumentationProject


      Additional issues:

      -Qt WebKit and Qt WebKit Widgets.
      Both need their own qdocconf file so that we get two directories: $QT_INSTALL_DOCS/qtwebkit and $QT_INSTALL_DOCS/qtwebkitwidgets
      Each needs to have their own landing pages, C++ classes page, QML types page, and other pages.

      -Sort out WebKit examples.
      There is a qtwebkit-examples-and-demos repository which needs to have a separate qdocconf file so then QDoc can link to the examples using the titles. If the repo will not have a qdocconf file, then we need to move the examples (code + docs) either to qtdoc or Qt WebKit repository.
      A new qdocconf file will mean:
      -three Qt WebKit .qch and output dir related files. (index and qhp files too)
      -the qtwebkit-examples-and-demos need to build the documentation through the "make docs" target.

      -Make sure Qt Creator can load the qch and the examples-manifest files. There is no qtwebkit/examples-manifest.xml file.


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