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change tab in dialog windows using a keyboard shortcut



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      In gtk and windows apps, the Ctrl+

      {PgUp,PgDn} shortcut changes tabs in dialog(and other) windows ,it seems to be a standard in every respectful app.
      I am a total tard with mouseless, keyboard-only control: keyboard shortcuts, xkb customization, window managers, etc. and I've been thinking of this for years.
      I have to touch the mouse in order to change tabs in menus, which is something that I can of course live with, but I enjoy KDE for its perfection!
      This may seem weird, but in apps like libreoffice with lots of dialog windows with tabs it is of great help if you work on it every day of your life .
      In some windows it works sparsely at best to press left and right arrow keys while the tabs area is focused but it doesn't work in general.You can scroll while you have the tabs area focused and there is of course the cool thing with the underlined letters to press with Alt+letter (there is no such thing with gtk,windows apps), but I think there should be the Ctrl+{PgUp,PgDn}

      shortcut or a chance to assign a custom one.
      I first posted on the kde forums and I was redirected here


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