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Speed up autotests



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    • Affects Version/s: 5.3.0 RC1
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      testtime.pl can be used to extract times when run from the folder as obtained from a test-log zip archive fex available from http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/Qt5_stable_Integration/latest-success/ .

      As of 5.7 , the plain text logger outputs the total test time.


      • gui/painting/qcolor is ideal for profiling testlib since it performs a ton of comparisons.
      • tst_QXmlSimpleReader taking 170s on Windows stands out, other than that, no spectacular issues.
      • Geopositioninfosource also takes quite a while
      • The sequence QEXPECT_FAIL / QTRY_COMPARE is really a bad idea since the check always times out

      The logs from Android, iOS, WinCE are missing, unfortunately.

      Hardcoded qWaits():

      findwaits.sh greps the test sources for qWait() and produces qwait_stable_140523.log . There is clearly room for improvement (introduce QTRY_... ) but one has to be careful, some delays are there to wait until animations are finished, etc.

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        1. findwaits.sh
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        2. qt_57_test_times_160226.txt
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        3. qt_dev_test_times_151216.txt
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        4. qt5_56_test_times_win_151110.txt
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        5. qt5_dev_test_times_151105.txt
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        6. qtbug38890_stringcompare.zip
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        7. qtdeclarative_dev_test_times_151030.txt
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        8. testtime_fromplainlog.pl
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        9. testtime.pl
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