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mac: CFRunLoop/CFSocket incompatible with select() on the same socket



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    • 4.7.0, 5.3.0
    • 5.3.1
    • Core: I/O
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    • macOS
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      This problem is similar to the Blackberry problem.

      Whenever we create a CFSocket in qcfsocketnotifier.cpp (due to the Cocoa-based event loop for the GUI thread), it registers the socket for notification with an outside source (kevent, threads, whatever). That is incompatible with the select()-based loop we have in qprocess_unix.cpp.

      The attached "bad" output of dtruss shows that the following happens (note, dtruss output is not ordered, you should sort by thread CPU time):

      1. parent process stops in select(), waiting for input from child (this is QProcess::waitForReadyRead)
      2. child process writes "hello world"
      3. parent process reads, first by doing an ioctl with FIONREAD
      4. parent process goes into the CFRunLoop-based processEvents()
      5. the socket notifier for the stdout channel is activated
      6. parent process tries to read, but this time ioctl reported 0 bytes available
      7. parent process closes stdout channel
      8. child process writes to stdout and gets EPIPE and dies from SIGPIPE


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