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Qt / QtC's rcc/qrc aging ungracefully, Qt lacks decent resource modularity.



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      The current state or QRC and rcc makes it difficult to deploy resources in an easy and modular way. "Precompilation" of resources to put into the executable have been proved to exhaust memory.

      Furthermore, new applications requiring big resources as videos, images and dozens or hundreds of qml files generate very big executables.

      A rethink of the resource system or an addition must be thinked and planned so regular ZIP/TAR.BZ or any other kind you decide are easily loaded and accesed at runtime. Im thinking the QML Fontloader is a good example of what works.

      Games like Quake and its PAK system have good examples, I think the QRC system can be adapted.

      I create this bug because i think it is the root of severa issues being reported at several places in Qt and QtC. See for example QTCREATORBUG-11475, QTCREATORBUG-12286, QTCREATORBUG-11548, QTCREATORBUG-12226.


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