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Auto-detected kits have same display name as previously installed Qt with same minor release



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • P1: Critical
    • Resolution: Done
    • 5.3.1
    • 5.4.0 RC
    • Packaging & Installer
    • Windows 8.1, OSX 10.9, Linux
    • WinRT


      The WinRT offline installer creates auto-detected kits which may have an incorrect display name if a previous version of Qt with the same minor release is installed (see attachment).

      From installer log:

      perform qt.53.win64_msvc2012_winphone_x86 operation: Execute
      	- arguments: C:\Qt-5.3.1-winrt\/Tools/QtCreator\bin\sdktool.exe, addQt, --id, qt.53.win64_msvc2012_winphone_x86, --name, Qt 5.3.1 for Windows Phone 8 x86 (Emulator), --type, WinRt.QtVersion.WindowsPhone, --qmake, C:\Qt-5.3.1-winrt/5.3/winphone_x86/bin/qmake.exe, UNDOEXECUTE, C:\Qt-5.3.1-winrt\/Tools/QtCreator\bin\sdktool.exe, rmQt, --id, qt.53.win64_msvc2012_winphone_x86

      <eiziller> ok, so two issues here:
      <eiziller> a) if the installers registers a Qt version with the same id as a previous registered Qt version, but a different display name, the display name might not be updated. (--> Qt Creator issue)
      <eiziller> b) the installers use the id "qt.53.win64_msvc2012_winphone_x86" etc, which does not contain the patch version number, so a Qt 5.3.0 and a Qt 5.3.1 install have the same id
      <eiziller> I'm not sure if we actually want that
      <eiziller> can the installer no longer install 5.3.0 and 5.3.1 in parallel?
      <eiziller> if it cannot, then it might be ok. but the implication is also that e.g. any kits that the user manually configured with Qt 5.3.0 will automatically use Qt 5.3.1 instead after installing that
      <eiziller> actually a) is problematic from the Qt Creator side, because the user can change the display name
      <eiziller> it would have made most sense if the Qt version that is registered as "qt.53......" does not have a patch level version number in its display name
      <eiziller> (so it wouldn't need to change when the patch level number changes)
      <eiziller> anknight: does the kit have the right name?
      <anknight> eiziller: no, it has the old displayName
      <eiziller> ok. probably also because the qt id hasn't changed there is no reason to throw the old kit away and make a new one
      <eiziller> (with the right name)
      <eiziller> bottom line, also after discussion with tobias ---> different Qt versions should have different ids
      <eiziller> same for kits that are registered for different qt versions.


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