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Multiple style issues with Qt on OS X 10.10 Yosemite



    • macOS
    • qt5/qtbase:f8da177c0f7231850, qt5/qtbase:e9e66079b16754f1fe, qt5/qtbase:e94642a9b0806f2e5df, qt5/qtbase: e558e71791bb0cdcf77f81fe904c61597c01ae1e


      When using Qt4 out of the box on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, multiple styling issues can be observed:

      • Text in buttons and drop-downs looks misaligned, probably because of incorrect default font because changing the font to Helvetica Neue seems to fix the vertical misalignment Fixed in 5.3.2 (qt5/qtbase: 909d3f5c733dde02)
      • QLineEdit has a yellow frame (instead of a gray one), and the right edge of the blue focus rectangle is missing (in other widgets as well) Fixed in 5.3.2
      • Default and pressed button text color is wrong. Also, no animation should be running anymore for any default button (qt5/qtbase: f8da177c0f7231850)
      • Top corners of tab buttons look somehow sharper than the bottom corners (qt5/qtbase: e9e66079b16754f1fe)
      • Focus ring on push buttons looks wrong (qt5/qtbase: e94642a9b0806f2e5df)
      • QGroupBox title is misplaced and uses an incorrect-looking font
      • Checkbox is not animated (fade in, fade out) like in native Yosemite
      • QLineEdit focus is not animated
      • Checkbox has a focus rectangle that is not generally used in Yosemite (Checkboxes do have a focus rect when the right system preference is enabled. That seems to be working correctly in Qt 5.)
      • Radio button has wrong shaped focus ring.
      • Editable combo box frame is offset (qt5/qtbase: 3f3955fec533c7763, e8f223cf4850239276c6d56ec22810c81e82af74)
      • Checkboxes are not rendered correctly when used in an itemview (qt5/qtbase: e558e71791bb0cdcf77f81fe904c61597c01ae1e)

      These things can be seen e.g. by installing the official 4.8.6 binary package and opening the bundled tools (Assistant, Designer, Linguist).


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