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qmake create faulty Link->AdditionalDependencies entries in Visual Studio project file if we use the modules "axcontainer", "axserver" or "uitools" in *.pro file



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    • 5.3.1
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    • Windows 8.1 Pro, Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 (Since it is a fundamental problem, the error should occur regardless.)


      Hi guys,

      I compiled Qt 5.3 myself and used a --prefix option to set the install directory. (C:\Qt5)
      This worked so far using nmake and nmake install.

      Since we are sharing that compiled version in our company to other developers and not every
      developer got the same directory structure we changed the path in qt.conf to D:\Source\Qt5 for
      some systems.

      Everything works excepts for project files that contain "QT +=" qaxcontainer, axserver or uitools. In this case Qt generates
      a project file that sets the "AdditionalDependencies" to "C:\Qt5" and "D:\Source\Qt5". After manually
      removing that first one, the project is correctly configured.

      I tested this also with the modules concurrent, designer, help, multimedia, multimediawidgets, network, opengl, printsupport, qml, quick, sql, sql, testlib, webkit, webkitwidgets, widgets, winextras, xml, xmlpatterns and everything was correct. For these modules only "D:\Source\Qt5" was used. The result of qmake -query only shows the "D:\Source\Qt5" so
      I really don't get why project files with "axcontainer", "axserver" and "uitools" are still using the old path also.

      You have also the same problem when using the online installer and change during installation the install path to D:\Qt5.


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