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Windows Phone - Application runs only through Visual Studio



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Done
    • P1: Critical
    • 5.6.0 RC
    • 5.5.1
    • Windows 8 (64Bits)
      Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Update 4)
      Qt Creator 3.2.2 (opensource) and Qt Creator 3.4.2 (enterprise)
    • WinRT


      Our Application:

      • Doesn't run via QtCreator on device (Lumia 920)
      • Doesn't run via QtCreator on emulator
      • Runs fine on device fine thru Visual Studio 2013
      • Runs fine on emulator fine thru Visual Studio 2013
      • After deploy, it doesn't run "alone" on device (tapping on icon to launch).

      Using QtCreator - device:
      qt.winrtrunner: Failed to start the package: 0x81030136 ""

      Using QtCreator - emulator:
      qt.winrtrunner: Failed to add payload file: 0x8007007b "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

      I've setup application to generate a dump on exceptions, using Windows Phone Developer Power Tools (device). Running the app after deploy, a file was created: "meubrt - f9be03ed-2e5f-4085-9ec0-1d5542e64b70 with exception C0000194 on 11-27-2014 15.46.dmp"

      Dump Summary
      Dump File: meubrt - f9be03ed-2e5f-4085-9ec0-1d5542e64b70 with exception C0000194 on 11-27-2014 15.46.dmp : C:\Temp\meubrt - f9be03ed-2e5f-4085-9ec0-1d5542e64b70 with exception C0000194 on 11-27-2014 15.46.dmp
      Last Write Time: 27/11/2014 15:46:22
      Process Name: meubrt.exe : meubrt.exe
      Process Architecture: ARM
      Exception Code: 0xC0000194
      Exception Information:
      Heap Information: Present

      System Information
      OS Version: 6.3.9651
      CLR Version(s):

      Module Name Module Path Module Version
      ----------- ----------- --------------
      meubrt.exe meubrt.exe
      ntdll.dll ntdll.dll 6.3.9651.0
      verifier.dll verifier.dll 6.3.9651.0
      vrfcore.dll vrfcore.dll 6.3.9651.0
      vfbasics.dll vfbasics.dll 6.3.9651.0
      KERNELBASE.dll KERNELBASE.dll 6.3.9651.0
      Qt5Guid.dll Qt5Guid.dll
      Qt5Qmld.dll Qt5Qmld.dll
      Qt5Cored.dll Qt5Cored.dll
      msvcp120d_app.dll msvcp120d_app.dll 12.0.30113.0
      msvcr120d_app.dll msvcr120d_app.dll 12.0.30113.0
      combase.dll combase.dll 6.3.9651.0
      libGLESv2d.dll libGLESv2d.dll
      Qt5Networkd.dll Qt5Networkd.dll
      PhoneAppModelHost.dll PhoneAppModelHost.dll 6.3.9651.0
      msvcrt.dll msvcrt.dll 7.0.9651.0
      RPCRT4.dll RPCRT4.dll 6.3.9651.0
      kernel32legacy.dll kernel32legacy.dll 6.3.9651.0
      mincoredload.dll mincoredload.dll 6.3.9651.0
      D3DCOMPILER_47.dll D3DCOMPILER_47.dll 6.3.9651.0
      d3d11.dll d3d11.dll 6.3.9651.0
      CoreMessaging.dll CoreMessaging.dll
      CRYPTSP.dll CRYPTSP.dll 6.3.9651.0
      dxgi.dll dxgi.dll 6.3.9651.0
      gdi32.dll gdi32.dll 6.3.9651.0
      SecRuntime.dll SecRuntime.dll
      OLEAUT32.dll OLEAUT32.dll 6.3.9651.0
      ModernApiExtHost.dll ModernApiExtHost.dll
      sechost.dll sechost.dll 6.3.9651.0
      MinUser.dll MinUser.dll
      AgHostSvcs.dll AgHostSvcs.dll
      shcore.dll shcore.dll 6.3.9651.0
      kernel.appcore.dll kernel.appcore.dll 6.3.9651.0
      PhoneBrokerClient.dll PhoneBrokerClient.dll
      wintypes.dll wintypes.dll 6.3.9651.0
      CRYPTBASE.dll CRYPTBASE.dll 6.3.9651.0
      bcryptPrimitives.dll bcryptPrimitives.dll 6.3.9651.0
      threadpoolwinrt.dll threadpoolwinrt.dll 6.3.9651.0
      PsmApp.dll PsmApp.dll
      twinapi.appcore.dll twinapi.appcore.dll 6.3.9651.0
      rsaenh.dll rsaenh.dll 6.3.9651.0
      bcrypt.dll bcrypt.dll 6.3.9651.0
      actxprxy.dll actxprxy.dll 6.3.9651.0
      CoreApplicationShim.dll CoreApplicationShim.dll
      procthreadexthost.dll procthreadexthost.dll
      AppModelProxy.dll AppModelProxy.dll
      CoreUIComponents.dll CoreUIComponents.dll
      Orientation.dll Orientation.dll
      advapi32legacy.dll advapi32legacy.dll 6.3.9651.0
      ShellChromeAPI.dll ShellChromeAPI.dll
      AppChromeAPI.dll AppChromeAPI.dll
      SspiCli.dll SspiCli.dll 6.3.9651.0
      pcwum.dll pcwum.dll 6.3.9651.0
      mrmcorer.dll mrmcorer.dll 6.3.9651.0
      Bcp47Langs.dll Bcp47Langs.dll 6.3.9651.0
      windows.ui.dll windows.ui.dll 6.3.9651.0
      NInput.dll NInput.dll 6.3.9651.0
      dcomp.dll dcomp.dll 6.3.9651.0
      dwmapi.dll dwmapi.dll
      windows.ui.core.textinput.dll windows.ui.core.textinput.dll
      TextInputFramework.dll TextInputFramework.dll
      Windows.Phone.Devices.dll Windows.Phone.Devices.dll
      cfgmgr32.dll cfgmgr32.dll 6.3.9651.0
      StorageProxy.dll StorageProxy.dll
      Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.dll Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.dll 6.3.9651.0
      Windows.Storage.dll Windows.Storage.dll 6.3.9651.0
      shlwapi.dll shlwapi.dll 6.3.9651.0
      powrprof.dll powrprof.dll 6.3.9651.0
      PROPSYS.dll PROPSYS.dll 7.0.9651.0
      Windows.ApplicationModel.dll Windows.ApplicationModel.dll 6.3.9651.0
      qwinrtd.dll qwinrtd.dll
      DWrite.dll DWrite.dll 6.3.9651.0
      libEGLd.dll libEGLd.dll
      iertutil.dll iertutil.dll 11.0.9651.0
      ntmarta.dll ntmarta.dll 6.3.9651.0
      Windows.System.dll Windows.System.dll
      dsclient.dll dsclient.dll
      UIXMobile.dll UIXMobile.dll
      UIXn.dll UIXn.dll 3.0.491.0
      WindowsCodecs.dll WindowsCodecs.dll 6.3.9651.0
      UIXRender.dll UIXRender.dll
      ZTrace.dll ZTrace.dll
      AppModelCore.dll AppModelCore.dll 6.3.9651.0
      dcomps.dll dcomps.dll
      ie_shims.dll ie_shims.dll
      IEMOBILEUTIL.dll IEMOBILEUTIL.dll 11.0.9651.0
      dcompm.dll dcompm.dll
      d2d1.dll d2d1.dll 6.3.9651.0
      CRYPT32.dll CRYPT32.dll 6.3.9651.0
      coml2.dll coml2.dll 6.3.9651.0
      XmlLite.dll XmlLite.dll 6.3.9651.0
      ole32_wp.dll ole32_wp.dll 6.3.9651.0
      MSASN1.dll MSASN1.dll 6.3.9651.0
      Windows.Graphics.dll Windows.Graphics.dll 6.3.9651.0
      DXGIDebug.dll DXGIDebug.dll 9.30.9651.0
      qcdx9um8960.dll qcdx9um8960.dll 1.0.3051.0
      MSVCR110.dll MSVCR110.dll 11.0.51106.1
      D3D10Level9.dll D3D10Level9.dll 6.3.9651.0
      qcvidum8960.dll qcvidum8960.dll
      D3D11_2SDKLayers.dll D3D11_2SDKLayers.dll 9.30.9651.0
      qca2xxcompiler8960.dll qca2xxcompiler8960.dll 1.0.3051.0
      CompClient.dll CompClient.dll
      qtquick2plugind.dll qtquick2plugind.dll
      Qt5Quickd.dll Qt5Quickd.dll
      qquicklayoutsplugind.dll qquicklayoutsplugind.dll
      qtquickcontrolsplugind.dll qtquickcontrolsplugind.dll
      qmllocalstorageplugind.dll qmllocalstorageplugind.dll
      Qt5Sqld.dll Qt5Sqld.dll
      windowplugind.dll windowplugind.dll


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