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Virtual keyboard is above the TextArea control you're writing in



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      In our Qml app we're facing trouble with the virtual keyboard appearence: When virtual keyboard is up, you sometimes cannot scroll all the way down to the lowest item in the ScrollView.

      If the top of the text control (TextArea) is below the middle of the screen, popping up the virtual keyboard also moves the control up a bit, making sure the cursor is visible above the keyboard. However, if a TextArea is so high that the top is above the middle of the screen, and you try to edit something that goes below the keyboard, you will not be able to see anything of what you're editing. In the attached screenshot, the user has tapped on a TextArea with top above middle of the screen, and virtual keyboard takes more than half the screen. Then he's in a situation where he can type, but has no way to scroll up to the point where he can see what he's writing.


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