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Heap corruption in all widget samples in WinRT



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Done
    • P1: Critical
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    • 5.4.1
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    • WinRT
    • Qt 5.5: d0c96c65ec5e25b1b43885a8c32a886a9b6aa834


      i assume all because it's in the first two i tried

      after a few seconds by just moving the cursor around i get this error

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/ccmtu9e26e7mzg4/Screenshot%202015-03-12%2020.31.59.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/djti75najit92xd/Screenshot%202015-03-12%2020.37.38.png?dl=0

      HEAP[application.exe]: HEAP: Free Heap block 000000221557CF70 modified at 000000221557CFD8 after it was freed

      0 RtlpBreakPointHeap ntdll 0x7ff9ec643161
      1 RtlpAllocateHeap ntdll 0x7ff9ec57e477
      2 RtlAllocateHeap ntdll 0x7ff9ec57b79d
      3 RtlDebugAllocateHeap ntdll 0x7ff9ec6415f6
      4 RtlpAllocateHeap ntdll 0x7ff9ec5f8258
      5 RtlAllocateHeap ntdll 0x7ff9ec57b79d
      6 malloc msvcrt 0x7ff9ec081d76
      7 operator new msvcrt 0x7ff9ec081e15
      8 operator new threadpoolwinrt 0x7ff9e4f6ad8e
      9 Microsoft::WRL::Details::MakeAndInitialize<Windows::System::Threading::CThreadPoolTimer,Windows::System::Threading::IThreadPoolTimer,Windows::System::Threading::ITimerElapsedHandler * __ptr64 & __ptr64,Windows::Foundation::TimeSpan & __ptr64,W threadpoolwinrt 0x7ff9e4f6383a
      10 Windows::System::Threading::CThreadPoolTimerFactory::CreatePeriodicTimerWithCompletion threadpoolwinrt 0x7ff9e4f633ff
      11 QJsonValueRef::isArray Qt5Cored 0x7ff99a093704
      12 QJsonValueRef::isArray Qt5Cored 0x7ff999fdbcd8
      13 QJsonValueRef::isArray Qt5Cored 0x7ff999fde3c5
      14 QCompleter::highlighted Qt5Widgetsd 0x7ff9a14fbbf3
      15 QJsonValueRef::isArray Qt5Cored 0x7ff999fe3a44
      16 QJsonValueRef::isArray Qt5Cored 0x7ff99a1351ec
      17 QCompleter::highlighted Qt5Widgetsd 0x7ff9a1503059
      18 QCompleter::highlighted Qt5Widgetsd 0x7ff9a15ad6e1
      19 QCompleter::highlighted Qt5Widgetsd 0x7ff9a15ac233
      20 QCompleter::highlighted Qt5Widgetsd 0x7ff9a1500946
      21 QCompleter::highlighted Qt5Widgetsd 0x7ff9a14fb6dd
      22 QJsonValueRef::isArray Qt5Cored 0x7ff999fe3a44
      23 QJsonValueRef::isArray Qt5Cored 0x7ff99a1351ec
      24 QPixmap::copy Qt5Guid 0x7ff99a7021c1
      25 QPixmap::copy Qt5Guid 0x7ff99a704ac3
      26 QPixmap::copy Qt5Guid 0x7ff99a6dbe5c
      27 qt_plugin_instance qwinrtd 0x7ff9caec7a47
      28 QJsonValueRef::isArray Qt5Cored 0x7ff99a0931ff
      29 QJsonValueRef::isArray Qt5Cored 0x7ff999fde9d8
      ... <More>

      0x7ff9ec643144 mov rax,qword ptr gs:[60h]
      0x7ff9ec64314d <+0x0009> cmp byte ptr [rax+2],0
      0x7ff9ec643151 <+0x000d> je ntdll!RtlpBreakPointHeap+0x25 (00007ff9`ec643169)
      0x7ff9ec643153 <+0x000f> mov byte ptr [ntdll!RtlpHeapInvalidBreakPoint (00007ff9`ec67f088)],1
      0x7ff9ec64315a <+0x0016> mov qword ptr [ntdll!RtlpHeapInvalidBadAddress (00007ff9`ec67f0d8)],rcx
      0x7ff9ec643161 <+0x001d> int 3


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