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Creating a top level window while modal window, won't initialize blockedByModalWindow flag




      This is the issue:
      If you have a modal window (M) and, while it's still showing, you spawn a window (W) containing a native widget child (C).
      After we close M, C will stay blocked and ignore any user input.

      This is what happens:
      When W, is created, the QWindow constructor will simply prepend it in QGuiApplicationPrivate::window_list.
      Its (W's) QWindowPrivate::blockedByModalWindow flag will be initialized to false, disregarding the actual presence of a modal window.

      When C is initialized, instead, its window will be parented to W and QWindow::setParent will take care of the initialization by calling QGuiApplicationPrivate::updateBlockedStatus(this) which blocks C.

      So W is unblocked while C is blocked.

      When we close M, QGuiApplicationPrivate::hideModelWindow will try to unblock all of the QWindows by calling updateBlockedStatus recursively on the top level windows. But W is already unblocked, so it is skipped and the recursion doesn't reach the window of C, leaving it blocked.

      One workaround is to call

      windowHandle()->setParent( windowHandle()->parent() )

      on the widget of W when it's created, but a correct fix would be to initialize updateBlockedStatus when the window is added to the QGuiApplication.


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