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signal of dynamic-property imported by QQmlPropertyMap will always be emitted by qml component whenever property has changed



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      The problem was found since i import qml with dynamic-property, maybe in version 5.2 or 5.3, but still exists in the latest version 5.5.
      Following is my c++ code:
      QQmlPropertyMap* map = new QQmlPropertyMap;
      map->insert("abc", false);

      QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
      engine.rootContext()->setContextProperty("myObject", map);
      and then, the qml code:
      Connections {
      target: myObject

      {console.log("abc changed! ", myObject.abc)}



      { myObject.abc = true; console.log("mouse clicked!") }

      last, the result in console:
      qml: abc changed! true
      qml: mouse clicked!
      qml: abc changed! true
      qml: mouse clicked!
      qml: abc changed! true
      qml: mouse clicked!

      For this problem, i read the Qt's source code, and catched a probable reason. i corrected the error logic in souce code ,and recompiled it, achived a fixed version of QtQmld.dll. With the fixed version, my problem had been resolved.

      Following is the source code:
      file-> src/qtdeclarative/src/qml/qml/qqmlopenmetaobject.cpp
      function-> metaCall, line->242
      241 else if (c == QMetaObject::WriteProperty) {
      242 if (propId <= d->data.count() || d->data[propId].first != *reinterpret_cast<QVariant *>(a[0]))

      { 243 propertyWrite(propId); ... ... 249 }

      In line 242, the propId of existed property will always be lower than d->data.count(), so the property will always be written and signal will be emitted.

      I modified "<=" to be ">=", and then, for existed property, value comparison will be done, and signal will not be emitted by qml-same-value. for new-added property, its propId will be larger than or equals with data.count(), value will be written and signal will be emitted.


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