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TextInput on Android has no current word in "text" property until the whole word is committed



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    • 5.5.1, 5.6.0 Alpha
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      When I edit text in TextField on Android, text property not updated properly before the whole word not typed. This is only happen if I enable correction suggestion (predicative text) in keyboard settings. During typing word, only displayText is updated. The current typing word is underlined and I see this word in the list of variants for correction on top of the keyboard (see attached screenshot). If I either press on this word in the list or type space, the text property will update.

      Program to reproduce:

      import QtQuick 2.5
      import QtQuick.Window 2.2
      Window {
          visible: true
          Rectangle {
              height: 60
              width: 200
              border {
                  width: 1
                  color: "black"
              anchors.centerIn: parent
              TextInput {
                  function logTexts() {
                      console.log("text: '%1'".arg(text), "displayText: '%1'".arg(displayText))
                  text: "Test"
                  anchors.fill: parent
                  horizontalAlignment: TextInput.AlignHCenter
                  verticalAlignment: TextInput.AlignVCenter
                  Component.onCompleted: logTexts()
                  onTextChanged: logTexts()
                  onDisplayTextChanged: logTexts()
                  onAccepted: logTexts()
                  onEditingFinished: logTexts()

      At the time screenshot been made, the output of properties was:

      text: 'Test ' displayText: 'Test test111'


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