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QComboBox popup not drawn in combination with QOpenGLWidget and full screen mode



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      The popup of a QComboBox is not rendered when the window contains a QOpenGLWidget and is running in full screen mode. The QComboBox can be clicked, and goes to its "pressed" state on doing so, but the list of items is not drawn.

      Minimal reproduction (see attachment for example project):

      • Create a Qt Widgets application.
      • Add both a QOpenGLWidget and a QComboBox to the central widget (layout doesn't matter).
      • Add a couple of items to the combo box.
      • Launch the main window in full screen mode.
      • Click the combo box.

      Expected result: The list of items of the combo box is shown.
      Actual result: The list of items is not shown.

      Additional notes:

      • If the QOpenGLWidget is replaced with a regular QWidget, the problem does not occur.
      • If the same application is executed in windowed mode, the problem does not occur.
      • While the popup is not drawn, it is still possible to scroll through its elements using the keyboard. In addition, if you click on the location where the items would otherwise be, they are still selected. In short, it appears that everything is working save for the actual rendering.
      • If I try to make a screenshot of the problem (using PrintScreen on Windows), the problem is not visible in the screenshot.


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