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[Android][Reg: 5.4.2 -> 5.5.0] Screen graphics is not refreshed properly when device is waking up from sleep.



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      The issue reproduces with Samsung P3100 device when using a simple ListView Qt app and it seems that it was introduced in Qt 5.5.x.
      The issue is not at all reproducible in Qt 5.4.2.

      Steps to reproduce the freeze:
      1. Compile the attached test application with Qt 5.5.0(debug or release) or Qt 5.5.1(release)

      2. Start the app and just leave it, and let the device go idle.

      3. Wait for 10 seconds to 2 hours

      4. Turn it on again, and you will notice one of the following:
      a. The app responds just fine to scrolling the list, everything is responsive right away.
      b. The app does not respond to scrolling or clicking for 8-15 seconds. After that, it's fine.
      c. The app seems frozen, but it is actually running. If you try to scroll down the list, or open one of the nodes, it actually does so, you just can't see it until you rotate the device, or turn it off and on.

      5. Retry from point 2 or 3, and you might get another result in 4.

      Issue QTBUG-39536 might be related to this one


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