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Functionality from QtQuickControls 1: Action



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      QtQuickControls 1 had a pretty abstract way to define actions, that was the Action object. That way it was possible to separe decently the definition of actions (with its text, icon, state, keyboard shortcuts and so on) and their final representation (which didn't really matter if the UI was then implemented by some standard component or in a completely custom way by the user)

      While it's still possible to use the Action object from QQC1, I understand that the objective in the long run is to migrate completely to QQC2.
      I think this component was important from a design point of view, even tough would have been even better for it to be available from C++ as well (so that makes it easy making it a bridge between the logic implemented in C++ that could provide a model of actions and the representation written in QML) So I'm not even sure the real place for it would be qtquickcontrols2 or rather qtquick or even qtgui (unfortunately QAction is not usable in situations were the dependency from QWidgets can't be used)


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