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Break any QML project on iOS with a single component with QtNfc import



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      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Download attached file evil.qml;
      2) Put it to the folder with any QML project which you can compile for iOS;
      3) Run qmake (otherwise black magic will not be working);
      4) Try to build and run your app - it will crash right after run.

      Key points:

      • Application crashes even before it does enter to main() function, so none of your breakpoints work;
      • You don't need to do anything else, one single component which is not used in your app will break it;
      • Output does not say anything about actual reasons of the crash:
        program received signal -111, thread:34d56;qaddr:19f621180;00:c813e60101000000;01:a013da6f01000000;02:a813da6f01000000;03:7446118101000000;04:3858102001000000;05:0000000000000000;06:0000000000000000;07:0000000000000000;08:0000000000000000;09:0200000000000000;0a:0000000000000000;0b:000a000000000000;0c:4000000000000000;0d:0700000000000000;0e:22664a0a00000000;0f:0000e02501000000;10:7841118101000000;11:a849c00101000000;12:0000000000000000;13:a813da6f01000000;14:a013da6f01000000;15:c813e60101000000;16:d0bb0f2001000000;17:c8b14e0001000000;18:8400000000000000;19:5f00000000000000;1a:706bc00101000000;1b:48cb050001000000;1c:58c5050001000000;1d:9013da6f01000000;1e:f40d4f0001000000;1f:6013da6f01000000;20:28184f0001000000;21:00000060;metype:1;mecount:2;medata:1;medata:0;
        hit maximum number of consecutive signals, stopping
      • Debugger does not clarify anything either (see attached screenshot) - well, you can see something about "NdefRecord", but if you have never worked with NFC it doesn't tell you anything.

      What that means is that even so QtNfc is not supported on iOS, if you use it in your project on Android or Linux, it does not let you run your application on iOS. And you cannot separate it, because this issue is not depending on project configuration.


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