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Add possibility to add item in a QwebEngineHistory object



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      The scenario is the following one:

      I need to extend my embedded web browser so that it is capable to display format not natively supported by QWebEngine (PDF, DOC, or what ever private to me).
      For that i hack and allow download from QWebengine of the involved file and save it. Once it is save, is put the QWebEngineView in background and use my personal viewer to display the data.
      There is not probleme doing so.
      The issue is that the user still want to play with the back-forward feature as normal and this becomes almost imposssible: Teh downloaded action is not recorded in the QWebEngineHistory as for any download and i have no way to add it!.
      Obviously i don't want to re-create from ground the whole fearure, it is very complicated from outside the browser.

      For me the requirement would be:

      • either be able to specify in a QWebEngineDownloadItem that this would be added to history records
      • or be able to append an item the current position in the history record.


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