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Autocomplete of editable ComboBox not working on Android



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      The ComboBox with property 'editable' set to 'true' allow the user to type part of an entry in the ComboBox's items, this automatically selects the first matching item. On Android this doesn't work. When typing part of an item nothing happens. When tabbing out of the ComboBox, or hitting the 'Done' button on the virtual keyboard the typed text is added (so it is there twice now).

      As an example, suppose there is an item named 'My Green Car'. If I type 'My' it should select this value automatically. On my Mac this works. On Android nothing happens while typing. When I leave the ComboBox (tab, or tap another control), the ComboBox shows 'MyMy' (it repeats whatever text was typed, but ONLY if what was typed matches an entry, otherwise it just leaves what was typed.

      further if Combobox triangle is clicked it shows up the virtual keyboard even if it is not clicked on lineEdit area. It seems that it  thinks it has focus but it does not.

      This also shows the on screen keyboard on top of combobox drop down list hiding entire or most part of combo box drop down list.

      Text in text filed also behaves wrong.

      attached screenshot shows dropdown list is underneath one screen key board,  



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