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uploadProgress signal when using HTTPs and a Proxy



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    • 5.9.0
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    • Windows 7 x64


      Qt 5.9 / PyQt5


      This bug occurs under the following conditions: 

      Using QNetworkAccessManager

      Using QNetworkProxy (HttpProxy) (I have not tested SOCKS)

      A POST request to a https:// URL with a QHttpMultiPart and setBodyDevice on a QFile


      When you connect the QNetworkReply uploadProgress signal to a slot, the slot will get called a total of 3 times. For example if the file we are uploading is 10MB, on my system the values of the slot in the three calls would be:

      16384 / 10000000

      10000000 / 10000000

      0 / 0

      Where those are bytesSent / bytesTotal respectively


      Again this only occurs on the condition that you are using a Proxy AND connecting through HTTPs


      Proxy + HTTP: Normal working uploadProgress signals

      No Proxy + HTTP: Normal working uploadProgress signals

      No Proxy + HTTPs: Normal working uploadProgress signals

      Proxy + HTTPs: The bug occurs


      When viewing my task manager, I notice the file is completely read into memory immediately as I see a 10MB spike in memory when the request starts.  The file transfer does continue on normally until completed.




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