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Scrollview in a ListView delegate crashes application



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    • 5.9.2
    • 5.9.1
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    • Windows 10,

      Qt5.9.1 MSVC 2015
    • abc60b14620253f61b0c0f1dff1ca0935b18761c


      I have a Listview and inside the delegate i needed a TextArea. To make the TeaxtArea scrollable i puttet it into a Scrollview.

      When i now scroll down the List (not the TextArea) the application crashes width an exception.


      Im Thread 0 angehalten durch: Exception at 0x7ffef7117e51, code: 0xc0000005: read access violation at: 0x0, flags=0x0 (first chance).




      1   QQuickItem::~QQuickItem                                                    qquickitem.cpp           2383 0x7ffef7117e51 
      2   QQuickFlickable::~QQuickFlickable                                          qquickflickable.cpp      728  0x7ffef7266682 
      3   QQuickFlickable::`scalar deleting destructor'                              Qt5QuickTemplates2d           0x7ffefe858db8 
      4   QObjectPrivate::deleteChildren                                             qobject.cpp              1992 0x6523d656     
      5   QObject::~QObject                                                          qobject.cpp              1022 0x65237740     
      6   QQuickItem::~QQuickItem                                                    qquickitem.cpp           2426 0x7ffef71182a0 
      7   QQuickControl::~QQuickControl                                              Qt5QuickTemplates2d           0x7ffefe7f0a94 
      8   QQuickScrollView::~QQuickScrollView                                        Qt5QuickTemplates2d           0x7ffefe853453 
      9   QQmlPrivate::QQmlElement<QQuickScrollView>::~QQmlElement<QQuickScrollView> qqmlprivate.h            104  0x7fff0fcfbb9e 
      10  QQmlPrivate::QQmlElement<QQuickScrollView>::`scalar deleting destructor'   qtquicktemplates2plugind      0x7fff0fcfd7b7 
      11  QObjectPrivate::deleteChildren                                             qobject.cpp              1992 0x6523d656     
      12  QObject::~QObject                                                          qobject.cpp              1022 0x65237740     
      13  QQuickItem::~QQuickItem                                                    qquickitem.cpp           2426 0x7ffef71182a0 
      14  QQuickRectangle::~QQuickRectangle                                          Qt5Quickd                     0x7ffef714ff53 
      15  QQmlPrivate::QQmlElement<QQuickRectangle>::~QQmlElement<QQuickRectangle>   qqmlprivate.h            104  0x7ffef71b2d3d 
      16  QQmlPrivate::QQmlElement<QQuickRectangle>::`scalar deleting destructor'    Qt5Quickd                     0x7ffef71b5607 
      17  qDeleteInEventHandler                                                      qobject.cpp              4598 0x6523f01a     
      18  QObject::event                                                             qobject.cpp              1238 0x65237888     
      19  QQuickItem::event                                                          qquickitem.cpp           7785 0x7ffef711ef77 
      20  QCoreApplicationPrivate::notify_helper                                     qcoreapplication.cpp     1153 0x651e051e     
      ... <Mehr>                                                                                                                  

      I Added also an example project to reproduce the error.


      Actual workarround: Set the "cacheBuffer" from listView to something realy high.




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