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Qt WebEngine Changes in Qt 6



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      Things to change in Qt 6:

      • Consider decoupling releases
        • Get rid of private dependencies
      • Deduplicate code between quick and widgets
        • Unify Q[Quick]WebEngineProfile in core
        • Move QWebEnginePage to core
      • Remove QQ Controls 1 backend (must)
      • Get rid of startup and shutdown hacks
        • Chromium doesn't shut down itself clearly, so it's unclear what we can do here
      • Consider switching all platforms or just all linux platforms to ozone
        • Chromium had plans to switch to Ozone for other platforms than linux, but didn't make progress...
      • Rethink APIs that require deriving from QWebEnginePage
      • Make default profile off-the-record
      • Replace QWebEngineCallback with std::function
      • Consider using a QtWebEngine namespace instead of prefixing every class with QWebEngineXXXX
      • Move QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor to UI thread like everything else
        • Is done already?
      • Consider removing non-essential API in QWebEngineView (that duplicates QWebEnginePage)
        • large portion of our users don't care about the page being separate though
        • It's useful for use cases like going full screen, where the full screen view is a separate thing
        • Also useful for loading things without a UI (off-screen)
      • Consider deprecating ::printToPdf (if QPrinter supports PDF as backend)
      • Making sure qml / c++ names are the same
      • Rename "QWebEngine' (qml module) to QQuickWebEngine or QWebEngineQml
      • add to core linker to remove all unnecessary exported symbols


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