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Dragged icons gets stuck between pages




      We have one QuickView application having an GridView containing multiple icons. Each delegate of the grid is the combination of icon and text(similar to what we have on our smartphone).


      The behavior of this GridView is similar to what we have on our smartphone. This means, user can drag the icons across the multiple pages. The Grid contain the navigation buttons on the left and right side. When the icon is dragged over the navigation buttons, the corresponding left or right to display the corresponding grid of Apps.

      Often, while dragging the icons from one page to next page, the icon gets stuck around the navigation buttons or between the pages.

      This issue was easily reproducible. But after increating the cacheBuffer to 100000, the frequency of the issue is reduced but it has not fixed the issue completely.

       If anyone is aware of this problem please suggest some solution. I am using QT 5.3.2 on QNX Neutrino 6.6.

      I tried same code on an Ubuntu machine but could not recreate the issue.


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