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Dragging QListWidgetItems with icons makes program crash under some desktop envs, not others




      I noticed a crash in a program I develop, when dragging certain items (the ones that have an icon) from a QListWidget to another, when running under Plasma Desktop or LXQt, but not on Xfce or Mate.

      I made a very small proof of concept, here: https://gitlab.com/bugpocs/WidgetListCrash

      (I'll make an attachment if that helps)

      The crash looks like this, triggered after dragging one of the items with icon from the left-side list to the right-side list:

       Trying to construct an instance of an invalid type, type id: 6553705
       Trying to construct an instance of an invalid type, type id: 788558336
       Trying to construct an instance of an invalid type, type id: 524358
       terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
       what(): std::bad_alloc
       Aborted (core dumped)

      (I'm attaching a backtrace)

      Dragging the items with no icon works fine.

      I've tested this under Mageia, Debian and Archlinux, some i386, some x86_64, some under Plasma, some under other environments.

      The crash does NOT happen under Xfce or Mate, for instance.
      The crash also doesn't happen under Plasma, IF I run the program with XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=something-other-than-KDE. Besides Plasma, the crash also happens under LXQt, unless doing the above trick.

      So basically, it seems like the crash is averted when Qt believes the environment is GTK-based.

      I can reproduce this consistently, every time, under Plasma 5.10.4 or LXQt 0.11.

      I found this other bug which looks very similar: QTBUG-15265

      ...but that one is a more complex case, and for Qt 4. Ironically, my crash doesn't happen when building the example with Qt 4, only with Qt 5.

      Thank you for your time!!


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