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[qt 5.9.2 android armeabi-v7a] android_armv7\src\android\java\res\values\strings.xml:7: Error: "unsupported_android_version" is not translated



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      I try to build my application APK but when I run androiddeployqt prints error:

      C:\Qt\5.9.2\android_armv7\src\android\java\res\values\strings.xml:7: Error: "unsupported_android_version" is not translated in "de" (German), "el" (Greek), "es" (Spanish), "et" (Estonian), "fa" (Persian), "fr" (French), "id" (Indonesian), "it" (Italian), "ja" (Japanese), "ms" (Malay), "nb" (Norwegian Bokmål), "nl" (Dutch), "pl" (Polish), "pt-BR" (Portuguese: Brazil), "rs", "ru" (Russian), "zh-CN" (Chinese: China), "zh-TW" (Chinese: Taiwan) [MissingTranslation] <string name="unsupported_android_version">Unsupported Android version.</string> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explanation for issues of type "MissingTranslation": If an application has more than one locale, then all the strings declared in one language should also be translated in all other languages. If the string should not be translated, you can add the attribute translatable="false" on the <string> element, or you can define all your non-translatable strings in a resource file called donottranslate.xml. Or, you can ignore the issue with a tools:ignore="MissingTranslation" attribute. By default this detector allows regions of a language to just provide a subset of the strings and fall back to the standard language strings. You can require all regions to provide a full translation by setting the environment variable ANDROID_LINT_COMPLETE_REGIONS. You can tell lint (and other tools) which language is the default language in your res/values/ folder by specifying tools:locale="languageCode" for the root <resources> element in your resource file. (The tools prefix refers to the namespace declaration http://schemas.android.com/tools.)

      Here is full build log: https://pastebin.com/Dgm42Edm


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