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Crash in qmltest::ListModel::cleanupTestCase()?




      It seems there is a random crash:

       PASS   : qmltest::ListModel::initTestCase()
       PASS   : qmltest::ListModel::test_altermodeled()
       PASS   : qmltest::ListModel::test_empty()
       PASS   : qmltest::ListModel::test_insert()
       PASS   : qmltest::ListModel::test_multipleitems(10items)
       PASS   : qmltest::ListModel::test_multipleitems(100items)
       PASS   : qmltest::ListModel::test_multipleitems(10000items)
       PASS   : qmltest::ListModel::cleanupTestCase()
       make: *** [check] Bus error: 10
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 build.go:203: Process finished with error: exit status 2
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 build.go:155: Error reading from stdout/err: exit status 2
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 build.go:408: Executing scheduled instruction 1 of 2 - Upload all core dumps if there are some
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 build.go:342: No core files has been found, that is good
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 build.go:410: 
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 build.go:408: Executing scheduled instruction 2 of 2 - Upload test results
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 storageclient.go:633: Collecting test results, archiving and uploading them
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 result.go:155: Collecting 45 test results ...
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 build.go:410: 
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 agent.go:181: Test failed
       agent:2017/12/19 23:40:15 agent.go:79: ERROR building: error unmarshalling testlib xml output: 'XML syntax error on line 569: unexpected EOF'.
       Most likely the test has crashed

      Build log: https://testresults.qt.io/logs/qt/qtdeclarative/1a585c6ab589629d9f8c2527f44a0027d2ea1b97/MacOSMacOS_10_12x86_64MacOSMacOS_10_12x86_64Clangqtci-macos-10.12-x86_64-8-a9098aDebugAndRelease_Release/44ec30f4b1ab4fba18227659c2555e36b10ec281/test_1513717005/log.txt.gz

      Details: https://testresults.qt.io/coin/integration/qt/qt5/tasks/1513716861

      Tested changes (refs/builds/qtci/5.9/1513716860):
      https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/q/ca091ffb7e79f7fbeecde25543bb6bd26125c9f5,n,z Simplify apt package installation and disable daily package maintenance
      https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/q/38e0e5393d349297c2689108202d099a2d686125,n,z Update submodules on '5.9' in qt5

      Failure happened on first run but not during second one -> so test seems to be flaky


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