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MouseArea doesn't release mouse after drag




      There is an issue where after a drag & drop from a ListView the next mouse click gets ignored. Like, if one drag is done, and try to drag next item, it does not work properly. DragArea is not releasing mouse after drag. You have to click somewhere so that mouse key is released and then can have next drag. Attaching a sample project for it. 

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Launch test application

      2. Drag a Item from ListView to Drag Area. Color of drag area should change according to selected item

      3. Try to drag another Item from List

      Expected outcome: New color should be applied to Drag Area

      Actual outcome: Color is not updated. User needs to click somewhere to release mouse key, and then only next drag is done properly 


      The issue is seen only in Qt 5.10.1. I have checked 5.6.3, 5.9.4, 5.9.5 and 5.11.0 beta, its working fine in these versions. 

      Tested on Windows 10.


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