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QML http redirection changed in an incompatible way and is effectively broken



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    • 5.9.6, 5.11.1
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      Testcase (involves redirects and loading files over http):

      import QtQuick 2.0
      Item {
        width: 600; height: 200
        Loader {
          asynchronous: true
          source: 'http://oserv.org/bugs/qml-redirect/content.qml'
          anchors.fill: parent

      Earlier, when there was a 302 redirect from `1.qml` to `somepath/2.qml`, then all the imports specified in `2.qml` were resolved relative to `2.qml`. Now, they are resolved relative to `1.qml` for some reason.

      The previous behavior was in line with http behavior and with Loader behavior, and allowed transparently hosting apps in http paths, without caring which exact path was the app loaded from.

      Now, http redirects are effectively broken for qml files — either the target qml has to be aware which exact url was used to load it, or it has to add a work-around, or http redirects should be avoided entirely by adding an extra (and more complex) Loader layer.

      Previously, I was able to load a file over http that made a redirect (based on parameters) to the actual server where the file is hosted. Now, that is broken, and looks to be broken in a semver-minor (or even patch) version.

      Was that breakage intentional?


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