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Investigate why Coin macOS VMs don't know CET as a zone-abbreviation



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      macOS, particularly 10.13, but older (supported) versions are interesting, too.

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      When Erik Verbruggen first tested macOS 10.13, he found it got CET as the abbreviation for Europe/Berlin, at odds with various tests which expect macOS to use GMT+offset for it.  However, when we came to launch macOS 10.13 on Coin (for 5.12 and later), it got GMT+offset the same as all our older version of macOS.  So clearly there's something we could do on the Coin VMs to get the same set-up Erik had when he first tried; but we don't know what it is. That might even work in older versions, saving us the need for the hacks to expect GMT+offset. So we need someone proficient in macOS admining to investigate.

      Tony Sarajärvi has set up debug VMs (with the usual macOS credentials) for investigation.

      • macOS 10.12:
      • macOS 10.13:

      The tests that implicate this are the ones this review would un-blacklist (once we know how to change the #if-ery in them to suit the revised VM config): tst_QDateTime::timeZoneAbbreviation() and tst_QLocale::formatTimeZone().


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