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Tablet unusable on macOS, QWidget::wheelEvent() triggered when it shouldn't



    • macOS


      QWheelEvents are being triggered without using the wheel (nor touching the physical wheel thingie on the wacom)

      This currently makes tablets unusable under macOS, unless softwares that use both tablet input and wheel input (from mouse) choose to opt out of supporting wheel events.

      Tested on a QOpenGLWidget, using the latest public stable version as of right now: 5.11.2

      TabletEnter/Leave Proximity events do not seem to be sent to the tabletEvent either, not sure if this is related.

      In order to trigger this issue one has to:

      1 -Do a "stroke" with the tablet (press, move, release the pen/stylus against the tablet)

      2 -Keep lifting the pen/stylus until it leaves proximity and thus no tabletEvents from the pen are received.

      3 -Enter proximity with the pen again, this will trigger a QWidget::wheelEvent() (no need to even touch the tablet)


      This issue does not happen with Qt4.8.6, would be great to have it fixed for the next LTS version 5.12.


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