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Many problems with Input Handlers on the touch screen



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      I have been experimenting with Input Handlers for several days. During this process, I noticed some errors that I also reported:







      I noticed the above errors with Qt 5.12 Beta 3 (or Beta 2. I'm not sure now, but I installed this version on 24/10/2018. It was definitely the previous version to currently available) Today I updated the Beta version to 5.12.0-201810231013 to test it with my sandbox application.

      Unfortunately, many things have stopped working after this update...

      (It is a pity that with MaintananceTool it is not possible to install the previous beta version ... I believe that all versions of Beta should be available to compare where something worked and where not)


      But back to the topic:

      I am attaching here my sample application (multi-touch) and logs which I logged separately starting the application to obtain individual errors. The application consists of 4 Tabs, which deal with tests of various Handlers. Problems that currently exist:

      1. In Tab "Multiple PointHandler": PointHandler does not work correctly if touch with finger and move. Touch visualisation and info are not visible... It seems that when I touch with my finger Touch Events are blocked and when I release my finger will be processed. I touched the touch screen immediately after the application started and not after 15 seconds and I kept it for more than 10 seconds (see it in "log1.txt")
      2. In Tab "DragHandler": If I drag with my finger the box with the text "TapHandler \ nDragHandler" and drop it then drag the box with the text "DragHandler \ nTapHandler" over first dragged box. First box follow dragging of the seconds box. In addition, when I move the mouse cursor he also follows it although the mouse is not pressed. (see it in log2.txt)
      3. In Tab "PinchHandler" if I try to pinch the top card with 3 fingers PinchHandler it will be only short activated and make no pinch. (see it in log3.txt)


      All of these problems did not occur in the previous Beta version to: 5.12.0-201810231013


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