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Typed Devanagari not consistent with native macOS app



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 5.9.7, 5.12.0 Beta 4
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      macOS 10.14
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      With the standard macOS "Devanagari QWERTY" input method, typing the keys "s f v" in a normal Mac app like TextEdit yields "स्व". Typing those same characters in a QLineEdit or in WebEngine yields the following instead: "स््व". The same issue exists when using the non-QWERTY Devanagari keyboard layout as well. Chrome appears to exhibit this same behaviour, so I presume it's an issue in an underlying library.

      The user who reported the issue to me included some more information in their report:

      "I'm using the Devanagari - QWERTY keyboard mapping that comes as part of macOS.
      In Roman characters I'm trying to write svāmin.
      Devanagari "characters" are syllables with a default vowel a, so that the keyboard actually represents things like sa and va.
      To get rid of that first a and arrive at sva, I need to hit the f-key (the actual letter on the keyboard, not a function key). As I hit that key, a small slash ् will appear below the Devanagari character, saying the a is missing.
      They next character I write should then be "joined" to that character.
      Instead of सव (sava) I should see स्व (sva).
      But what I get in Anki is स् ् व, which might be something like s.-va in Roman characters.
      So that you can reproduce exactly what I'm doing within Anki, here's my sequence of steps:

      switch to the Devanagari - QWERTY keyboard;
      hit the s-key: स
      hit the f-key: स्
      hit the v-key: स्व
      This is where one error occurs: the two characters do not appear joined in this way.
      hit the a-key: स्वा
      hit the m-key: स्वाम
      hit the i-key: स्वामि
      hit the n-key: स्वामिन
      hit the f-key: स्वामिन्
      hit the [space]-bar: स्वामिन्
      This is where another error appears (after hitting the [space]-bar): I get an additional ् character at the end."


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