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QtDC targets and B2Qt in Qt 5.13 - Enablers for, and targets through installer



    • Built in QtDC target and B2Qt support in Qt 5.13


      Definition for G1 and G2 targets

      Qt for Device Creation commercial offering built in targets available through Qt Installer


      1. built
      2. available through installer (where relevant, assume excluding Win 10 and RTOS targets)
      3. documented
      4. tested and verified
        • Subject to engineering definition on how and what to verify each target; E.g. for Yocto based Embedded Linux needs to be deployable from key Qt DC hosts, and debugging and profiling needs to work from host against the target.
      5. part of CI and RTA process (where relevant, assume excluding Win 10 and RTOS targets)

      G2 and G3-targets

      1. partially as G1, there may be limitations or missing bits
      2. assumption is that Qt bugs can repro on G1 targets.

      For Embedded Linux targets are Yocto based and pre-built images available through Qt Installer and maintenance tool. For other operating systems there may be limitations in e.g. direct availability through installer or e.g. how on-device deployment or debugging can be established.

      Other key requirements

      Automotive Suite re-organizing

      The Automotive Suite re-organizing (QTPMO-912) may result in needs for reshuffling items in to their logical tree and location installer, and then present them as available for install based on user licenses with developer account rather than product packaging based tree. Installer framework and installer are undergoing changes in this time frame, too.

      Improvements in Boot to Qt (B2Qt) images

      The B2Qt image needs to stay up-to-date with Yocto evolution as well as bring updates to opur demo environment. We may have specific improvement requests (such as e.g. the package manager for B2Qt) that we will evaluate under this Epic.

      Other key requirements added and described under here later


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