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Supporting addon modules in Device Creation images and toolchains



    • Type: User Story
    • Status: Open
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    • Affects Version/s: 6.0
    • Fix Version/s: 6.1
    • Component/s: Device Creation
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      Main problem to solve: how does separately released addon get into the toolchain and image that have been released previously

      • Addons may require changes to the image not possible to do afterwards
      • on Windows there are no tools to modify ext partitions in the images
      • toolchain host tools are relocated during installation, installing new packages might not work

       Everything is an addon

      • default base image for all devices, FF when Qt has FF
        • no updates after this because of addons
        • Addons built and installed on top of this
      • How to handle yocto recipe updates if addons released after base image?
        • sources for meta-boot2qt are released with main Qt release
      • How to package all the needed addons and their dependencies from yocto build?
        • especially what dependencies need to be included for the addons

       Addons released as ipkg conan packages

      • installed on top of base image during sd card flashing
      • installed to toolchain by online installer
      • installed on top of base image inside docker container via local.conf file

      Docker based toolchain

      • same toolchain on all host platforms
      • provides tools for addon installation to image and toolchain
      • default toolchain installation location → no need for relocation host binaries
      • Qt Creator integration
        • Qt Creator cannot run binaries directly, needs to done via docker
        • Could be boot2qt plugin specific implementation
          • should be common support in creator base plugins
          • even if boot2qt specific, still needs support in QtCreator
            • QtCreator will try to run qmake / compilers to identify them

       how to install addons on running system

      • deploy from QtC via conan support
      • local ipkg feed over network/USB
      • SDK to provide simple http server to serve ipkgs to the device
        • included in flashing wizard?

       Docker for Windows

      • WIndows 7 with VirtualBox
      • Windows 10 either with Hyper-V or VirtualBox
        • Hyper-V and VirtualBox won't work at the same time


      • Cannot run VirtualBox emulator together with Hyper-V docker image
      • Study if possible to use docker based emulator image

       How QBSPs handle addons

      • QBSP released with e.g., DC might not have all the addons
        • or might have different versions of the addons


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