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Generic self-running Qt demo for partner re-use



    • Epic Name:
      Generic self-running Qt demo for partner re-use
    • Vertical:
      Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical/Healthcare


      We need a demo re-using key parts of our existing demo's. Partners, typically embedded hardware vendors, often demonstrate their hardware capabilities with a Qt sample applications. The presentation may be standalone without manual interaction, with manual interaction or both. There is a need for the application to attract attention of bypassers as well as present the capabilities of the given hardware, less so of Qt itself.

      We will use Qt 5.12 LTS latest public releases for this project.

      The Demo application needs a demo mode that keeps the screen alive with motion and actions; automatically rotate the UI between key screens as if someone was using the demo. The enter and exit of the demo mode must be automatic, if the device is not manipulated by a user withnin 90 seconds the application will enter demo mode, and if a user is manipulating the device the application will exist the demo mode and return to start screen.

      Presented UI’S and link to Qt business verticals

      The Demo application UI should present key Qt use cases under automotive, industrial automation, home automation and white appliances as well as medical / healthcare solutions. The Qt Company has a wide variety of demo applications separately on each area and the those UI’s can be re-used for this demo purpose.

      The Boot-to-Qt default demo launcher and demo’s within it can be reused for suitable parts. A possible and technically most feasible approach is to add the demo mode in to the B2Qt demo launcher itself. This could be done as a setting under the app.

      The Demo can also show vendor logo and credits on the demo mode rotation.

      Target resolution and screen size

      The application needs to implemented in an aspect ratio and resolution agnostic way so that it can be run on a small VGA display as well as on a Full HD (1080p) display, in both portrait and landscape mode. Most common display is a 7” WVGA 800x480.

      Target hardware boards

      The demo application needs to run on the below hardware's

      • Intel NUC (if more precise needed use NUC6CAYH)
      • NXP iMX7 Solo
      • NXP iMX8 Max
      • Toradex Colibri iMX6 ULL

      We will use Yocto based Embedded Linux supported by Qt 5.12 LTS.

      Editability and customization by partners

      Partners using the application will have desires to edit and customize the application, e.g. for adding or removing branding, changing color schema or adding or removing a particular part of the Demo application. Therefore the application will need good quality code commenting and possibly also documentation for these purposes.

      IPR and Lcensing of the Demo application

      All generated IPR will belong to The Qt Company unless otherwise stated in pre-existing and reused code.

      The final Demo application will be under LGPLv3.

      Request for Quotes (RFQ) and responses

      We will use external party to put together the demo. Full RFQ for subcontracting is attached. Please send the responses to the RFQ to Santtu Ahonen by email.


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