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REG->5.12? Qt5.12 ignores settings for QPrinter and always produces PDF-documents in format: "US-Letter" portrait



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    • 5.12.1
    • 5.12
    • GUI: Printing
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    • Manjaro Linux, Kernel 4.20, Qt5.12, PySide 5.12.0, PyQt5 5.12.0
    • Linux/Wayland, Linux/X11
    • 81c3c66bb44c98b29a0181450ffa38a1c1fa06d9


      I have a program which printed directly to a pdf-file in portrait- or landscape-orientation using QPrinter. Everything worked perfectly with PySide2 v5.11(also with PyQt5 v5.11.2) and Qt5 v5.11.2.
      But now, after update to Qt5.12 and PySide2 v5.12 (or pyqt5.11.3), whitout any code-changes, I always get documents in format "us-letter" in portrait-orientation.

      I have a minimal working-example and some pdf-files to illustrate this here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/feve6ubvy...5zGdQI9ra?dl=0
      (I had to remove names in two of the documents with LibreOffice Draw. Thus, the specs say that they are generated by LibreOffice instead of Qt5.12.)

      In my example scripts, I let python print the printer-settings and they are correct, but the generated output is wrong.


        1. demo.py
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          Sam Barkowski
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          Sam Barkowski
        3. pyside917.py
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          Friedemann Kleint
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          Friedemann Kleint
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          Friedemann Kleint
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          Sam Barkowski

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