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Missing security API in Qt



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      We have certain requirements for Qt OPC UA security and KNXnet/IP security. Both would need a similar set of functionality, right now there exists no public API in Qt to fulfill this. Qt KNX is duplication private API from Qt Network to get security related task going, Qt OPC UA seems to have nothing in place yet.


      Requirements Qt OPC UA:

      • Create PKs
      • Create CSRs
      • Certificate Management
        • Add/Remove
        • Trust/Untrust
      • Update of CRLs
      • Converting DER,PEM
        • PKs
        • Certs

      Possibly needed in future:

      • Issuing Certs
      • CRL signing


      Requirements Qt KNX:

      • OpenSSL library loading
      • EC 25519 Private/Public key generation
      • EC 25519 Private/Public key import/export
      • Shared secret calculation
      • PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2) to to generate password hashes (Sha256 algorithm)
      • MAC computation, de- and encryption
      • Binary data de- and encryption (AES128 CBC algorithm)



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