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HTTP2 streams terminated prematurely on GOAWAY



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      I've been debugging a networking problemĀ  in https://github.com/owncloud/client/issues/7020#issuecomment-465578496 and I think the issue is in Qt's HTTP2 stack.

      The symptom is QNetworkReply emitting finished() with NoError even though the request hasn't properly finished. A warning like 'stream 15 finished with error: ""' is seen.

      Analysis (from mitmproxy talking to the server, so not entirely reliable, but shows what's going on):

      • Client opens HTTP2 connection
      • Requests data on streams 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
      • Stream 1, 9 finish; Stream 3, 5, 7 are still streaming DATA frames and are not finished
      • There's a GOAWAY 2^31-1 no-error frame from the server
      • mitmproxy closes the connection with a tls close_notify
      • there are more DATA frames from the server on streams 3, 7 that aren't ACKed by the client
      • finally a GOAWAY 9 no-error frame, and the server's close_notify

      If I read qhttp2protocolhandler.cpp correctly the problem is that the GOAWAY with a lastStreamID of 2^31-1 causes Qt to terminate all running streams. Specifically:

          } else if (lastStreamID >= nextID) {
              // "A server that is attempting to gracefully shut down a connection SHOULD
              // send an initial GOAWAY frame with the last stream identifier set to 2^31-1
              // and a NO_ERROR code."
              if (lastStreamID != Http2::lastValidStreamID || errorCode != HTTP2_NO_ERROR)
                  return connectionError(PROTOCOL_ERROR, "GOAWAY invalid stream/error code");
              lastStreamID = 1; // <- causes all streams to be closed
          } else {

      The GOAWAY spec says that the streams should not be closed at this point.


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