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Revamp support for mobile platforms



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    • Connectivity: NFC, Sensors
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    • Revamp support for mobile platforms
    • Android, iOS/tvOS/watchOS


      The support for mobile platforms have deteriorated over the last few years and it is time to revamp it.

      There are several areas where improvements must be done in order to maintain Qt as a valid option for mobile development. We will probably not be able to convince Flutter and React Native developers to convert to Qt, but mobile targets (Android and iOS) should be useful for Qt developers. Today, the feature parity gap between Android and iOS is growing, we lack important features and developers will have to write native code in order to get the functionality they require.

      The following major tasks are connected to this task

      • Push notification (QTBUG-71517)
      • Cross platform usability (QTBUG-72086)
      • Other new API/helper functions
        • Volume Key support
        • Screen brightness control
        • NFC improvements
        • Investigate easier forms of converting native data types to Qt types and vice versa
        • Haptic feedback


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