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[REG 5.11->5.12] Windows: Touch - delayed events when holding still one finger and moving another



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      Multitouch has worked in all previous versions but in 5.12 we noticed that we do not get all of the events when taking care of events() in our widget.

      To reproduce the error:

      1. Press and hold one finger - a dot appears
      2. Press another finger (while keeping the previous one still) - another dot appears
      3. Move the first finger - a trail of dots appear.
      4. While holding the first finger still, move the second finger - no new dots appear
      5. Move the first finger - now all the dots that should have shown in step 4 appear.

      Debugging the event() handler shows that the events do not come as long as the first touch point is being pressed down and held still. When moving the first finger again or releasing the second finger, all of the update events for that finger come. As long as both fingers are moving, the events come.

      You can run this example in 5.11 and it will work as expected.


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