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SpinBox allows invalid values after editing is finished




      There is a bug in the current SpinBox implementation which allows to leave the SpinBox with values outside of the predefined range of valid values. To reproduce the bug one must create two SpinBoxes as shown in the following code snippet. The second SpinBox can also be replaced by any other focus able component.

      ColumnLayout {
          SpinBox {
              id: first
              from: 0
              to: 100
              value: 33
              editable: true
          SpinBox {
              id: second

      Click into the SpinBox which has the defined range and start to edit the value. Type 133 and finish editing by using tab to set the focus on the second SpinBox. The recently set value of 133 will be reverted to 100 as the IntValidator kicks in and clips the value to the predefined range. Now when you go back to edit the first SpinBox again and type any invalid value like 133 and switch the focus again to the second SpinBox the value isn't clipped by the IntValidator anymore and stays invalid.


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