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Qt 6: Installer CLI and UI



    • Qt 6: Installer CLI and UI


      Requirements for Command Line Interface tool & Installer UI

      1. Possibility to create standalone/static executable, all runtime dependencies need to be bundled
      2. Qt Account login integration
      3. Permission control per package
        1. Per Qt package
        2. Per Qt package version
        3. Per product definition
        4. Per host & target platform (i.e. build configuration)
        5. Per other rules
      4. Commands:
        1. List & inspect available packages, should provide information (meta):
          1. Package name, title, description, build date, etc.
          2. Package version
          3. Package build configuration
            1. host_os, host_os_version, host_arch, host_compiler
            2. target_os, target_os_version, target_arch, target_compiler
            3. other features (NoUseGoldLinker, Static, Release, NoWidgets, ...)
          4. Dependencies
        2. Install selected packages
        3. List installed packages
        4. Update selected packages
        5. Remove selected packages
      5. Multi-platform (running the CLI/Installer)
        1. Linux x86_64
        2. Windows x86/x86_64
        3. macOSĀ x86_64
      6. Possibility to control where selected packages are installed
        1. White space in install tree is not allowed
        2. Define default install location
      7. Control scripting/component scripting per package
        1. Write/read settings files
        2. Run system commands
        3. Create desktop shortcuts
        4. Access to information about other packages
        5. Catch events onInstallationStarted, onInstallationEnded
      8. Proxy handling
      9. Add custom package repositories, eg. market place or self built packages
      10. Customizable UI
      11. Headless installation/update
      12. Possibility to run program after installation (eg. launch QtCreator)
      13. Sending custom messages to server
      14. Hide certain packages in UI (current Virtual component)
      15. Force install of components

      It should be possible to customize the UI, how the packages are shown to user:

      • some licenses/products may have priority over others -> prioritize the visibility
      • other possible "schemes"


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