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Investigate effort/pros/cons of discontinuing UWP support in Qt 6 [Spike]




      Note: This report is merely for gaining an estimate of the required work and potential benefits/drawbacks of removing UWP support. It does not imply any decision.


      • Reduce list of supported platforms
        • Windows Phone: dead
        • UWP on desktop Windows: How many users?
        • Xbox One: any users?
        • HoloLens: Hard to say
        • Windows IoT devices: What are MS's plans going forward with their IoT offering? Do they want to concentrate on Azure or do they plan devices?


      • Reduced maintenance:
        • qmake/build system adaptions (manifests, packaging)
        • Maintenance of ANGLE's UWP functionality
        • Native winrt network backend (sockets, hostinfo, ssl) can be removed
        • Native winrt font database implementation can be removed
        • winrt qpa plugin can be removed
        • native uiautomation implementation (accessibility) can be removed
        • IFDEFery in qtbase in various places
          • core application
          • file system/path handling
          • threading
          • event/timer handling
          • shared memory
          • various locations in widgets
        • Rather big outstanding issue: main thread != UI thread. Kind of worked around, but not fixed
        • winrtrunner no longer needed
      • Auto tests:
        • Significantly reduced CI integration times
          • qtbase takes around 1 h without winrt, winrt takes around 2 hours for a full test run
        • IFDEFery in auto tests, checking for winrt
          • Some of these should check, if tests are running in a sandboxed environment instead


      • Backends created for UWP can be used on desktop Windows (>= 10). These backends will not be dropped. Examples:
        • Sensors
        • Location
        • Bluetooth (LE)

      Estimated workload: 5d


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