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[REG 5.13.0 beta1 -> beta2 & 5.12.2 -> 5.12.3] can not compile iOS applications



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      Install 5.13.0 beta2 iOS binaries from staging server, open Creator and any of the examples, widgets/itemviews/addresbook used in test. Build example -> build fails:

      === BUILD TARGET addressbook OF PROJECT addressbook WITH
      CONFIGURATION Debug ===
      Check dependencies
      Code Signing Error: Signing for "addressbook" requires a
      development team. Select a development team in the project editor.
      Code Signing Error: Code signing is required for product type
      'Application' in SDK 'iOS 12.1'
      ** BUILD FAILED **
      The following build commands failed:
      Check dependencies
      (1 failure)
      make: *** [xcodebuild-debug-device] Error 65
      21:40:29: The process "/usr/bin/make"
      exited with code 2.
      Error while building/deploying project addressbook (kit: Qt
      5.13.0 for iOS)
      The kit Qt 5.13.0 for iOS has configuration issues which might
      be the root cause for this problem.
      When executing step "Make"

      Open generated xcodeproject file in Xcode and compile. When launching Xcode there is a notification that some build settings needs to be performed (see attachment 5_13_beta2_ios_xcode.png) when settings are perfomed and trying to build again, build fails (see attachment 5_13_beta2_ios_xcode_error.png).


      Same issue appears to happen with 5.12.3 (tested on macOS10.13 from branch 5.12). Used example widgets/itemviews/calendar, Creator fails to build with same error as above, so does Xcode.

      But, I installed 5.12.2 iOS binaries to the same vm: Creator is still unable to build, but when opening the generated .xcodeproject in Xcode, it is compiled there and launched in simulator.

      So seems there might be two issues, there is something going on with 5.12.3 and 5.13.0 iOS binaries, but also Creator has issues, sinse it's not building with 5.12.2 binaries either even though Xcode can compile.


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